An application was designed to assist individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who struggle with daily hygiene tasks. Since many of these users enjoy interacting with electronic devices, the implementation of an application may motivate these users to do these tasks on their own.

My Role: UX Researcher/UI Designer & Autism Therapy Consultant

Platforms: Tablet & Mobile

Timeline: Three weeks


Six user interviews were conducted. The hypothesize was that creating a skills-based app for children with ASD and their caregivers would help them achieve greater executive functioning and reach their personal goals. It seems many individuals with Autism are challenged to find external resources that can assist in learning daily tasks. There are some apps for the individuals with autism and other special needs. However, it seems there is no app focusing on the skills that TaskMaster does. The following are the processes of the user research:

Affinity Diagram

Dot Voting

Competetive Analysis

Empathy Map

User Scenario

User Persona

Wireframing & Prototyping

The prototype was intended for the tablet screen as based on the research, it was found out that the users mostly use tablets.

User Testing

Iterations made from user testing:

- Used real pictures (Real Life Experience)

- Changed pictures to children (More Relatable)

- Renamed button steps for Washing Hands (More Straightforward)

- Reduced steps from eight to four (Created Less Confusion)

- Added description to pictures (More Accessible)

- Added option for voice playback (More Accessible)



Responsive Homepage

The homepage of the application was coded using HTML and CSS and it is responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Future Iterations

- Levels of engagement (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

- Preferences for interests (theme of app)

- Voice Playback for the steps

- Progress Reports

- Adult vs Child profiles

- Reward System

- Interactions with a Smart Watch